Asgard Slots

If you want some thing just as good as the marvel versions and may be even better, this is the best game to go to for Norse mythology in the online slot machine world. It features character classes, nice graphics, and big payouts. It plays more like an RPG than anything else, and has graphics to match. Alongside of that, the color scheme is great, the art is stylish, and in general, it's unforgettable. If you don't like Norse mythology then we doubt any game will change your mind. If you already love it, however, this is the best of the bunch!

About the Game

This game takes its cues from Norse mythology, and plays more kin to dungeons and dragons. It has lavish graphics with ruins and other things adoring the reels, along side of the title characters. Each of these characters can be chosen to be your class, which affects the bonuses, and your chances of winning. In general, it is an innovative title for people that love a little more complexity to their gambling. If you're looking for something more relaxing, this probably isn't it, however.

Slot Game Developer

This game comes to you from real time gaming, the best in the business in online gambling. Their software a sound, their production values never cease to amaze us, and you'll barely find a title of theirs that doesn't stick out in your memory. It comes as no surprise that they made the best in the Norse mythology theme genre on their very first try. Even if they haven't, wish her there would eventually considering how great all of their games are!

Demo Play

We typically recommend starting off and demo mode, but for this game, it's even more true. This game has intricate mechanics, which means that it's not as simple as picking up and playing it. You have to understand how all of the reels work in order to play it correctly. On top of that, there is a lot you can miss out on if you're not careful. For that reason, try it out before money is on the table. If you don't, you'll probably regret it, as you won't know quite what to do when the bonus round show up, and it could cost you a jackpot!


If you have ever seen Thor in the Marvel movies, then you are at least somewhat familiar with Norse mythology. This is an old set of movies that includes Thor, Loki, Odin, and Valkyrie. The stories tend not to make much sense, and our fun cute little tails that are meant to tell morals. Although the marvel films have render the most memorable renditions of the mythology, this jam does no less good of a job and bring it to life.

Game Design

This game has 243 lines to bet on, which is hundreds more than most in the genre. On top of that, you will be able to choose your class when you start the game, which will change how it plays out from there. You can select either Odin, the thunder guard, Loki, or the goddess. Each of these will give you different chances of winning and matching different things. I'll top of that, they have the thunderbolt feature, and the Valhalla feature. Everything is somewhat like a bonus round in this game!

Bonus Round

The bonus rounds, in the forms of the different characters you can select when you start the game. These include the thunderbolt feature, the goddess feature, the Loki magic feature, the thunder guard feature, and the Valhalla feature. All of these allow you to choose your class much like a role-playing game. From there, you'll have a very different experience. We imagine most people will play this game at least four times to try out the different character classes.

Play for Fun

To get a feel for how the different gods function, we recommend starting off for free. This mode is playing for fun, and as the default option whenever you grace the game. From there, you can decide which card will be closer of a fit for your play style. We are fond of Loki, but that is just us. In general we are usually fond of that character. You can try out everybody and demo mode here while playing for fun, so you don't have to waste any money on character classes that are not suited to you.

Play for Real Money

Play for real money makes things interesting. When doing so, the different character class is really coming to player. Otherwise, although it will change your chances of winning, the stakes are fairly low. This way, however, you will be winning or losing accordingly to the character you chose, and the money will be very real. For that reason, you should probably start off playing demo mode for fun, which we will stress again here.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Although the game has many thunder gods in it, each of them will still look and play fine on your mobile devices, without over burdening any of them with electricity. We tried it out on a variety of phones and tablets, and it never cease to amaze us. The high resolution graphics will also look very nice on a high resolution monitor should you try to play it elsewhere. We imagine most people will be playing it on their phones and tablets, however. The iPad Pro screen was the prettiest we saw, and to our knowledge, the most stylish available on the market. It's wonderful to see it on any screen, and the winnings will be just as glamorous no matter where you decide to play it, at home or on the go.