Great Temple Slots

There is much to appreciate about this game that seems pretty unassuming on the surface. The South American theme is a fantastic tribute to a once-great society. While the Aztecs and Mayans have since assimilated into today's culture, they left behind many artifacts that told their story. This game allows you to potentially win some money while learning and appreciating South American history.

Ancient Aesthetics

The first thing that this game does right is using pictures that are fun and culturally sensitive. The characters look realistic, not cartoonish, and it is clear that they put some detail into each character. You will find the standard playing card icons, but you will also find a few rainforest animals, a statue, a warrior, which is also the wild symbol, and the temple icon as the scatter symbol. One fun additional feature to the icons is that when you win a line they are part of, they become animated. The South American background is also as eye-catching as the icons themselves. Additionally, the background music finds the perfect balance of adding to the experience without being overbearing. It is noticeable but doesn't become annoyingly repetitive after only a few minutes.

Standard Gameplay

As far as the gameplay goes, Great Temple Slots isn't going to throw you any curve balls. It is a pretty standard game with twenty-five pay lines. They don't overwhelm you with special features that are difficult to understand; instead, they keep it pretty simple. There is a progressive jackpot that can be won at the end of any paid spin, and jackpots are triggered at random. If you hit three scatter symbols anywhere on the board simultaneously, you will earn ten free spins; if you hit a wild symbol during the free spins, it will expand to cover the entire reel.

The controls of this game are pretty standard as well. Users can adjust each spin to bet between $0.25 and $6.25. It also gives you control over the game with the ability to double the speed and initiate anywhere from five to infinity consecutive spins.

Sometimes Less Is More

This game may not be full of special features, but that is okay, especially if you are learning online slots. Sifting through confusing gameplay and tons of bonuses can be overwhelming for a new player, so the games are better left to people with experience with online slots. The gameplay is simple, but the theme is fun and a little educational, which makes it more engaging. Great Temple Slots is a fun game with a fun theme and music that you can enjoy without having to have a degree in rocket science to understand.