Heavenly Treasures Slots

The power of Asian themed games, continues to reign supreme in the online casino world. The legacy lives on with Heavenly Treasures, a visually stunning and highly rewarding game that leaves it all on the virtual table. Real Time Gaming is the gaming developer behind Heavenly Treasures, which brings the power of the orient straight to you.

Inside The Treasure

Heavenly Treasure Slots, is a five reel slot game that comes with a blistering 3,125 ways to win. As we said earlier, the power and the pageantry of the mighty orient, is on full display here. The game play happens across the sky, pulsating with energy. There is even a soundtrack that goes with the game to help set the stage for the dramatic wins that are bound to come.

All of the game icons in the game are of high value and reflect Asian mythology. Heavenly Treasures is a riveting five reel game that actually doesn't have an official wild symbol in the game. But there are many high paying symbols that will make it more than worth your while in the process. There are a few dragons to be found in the game. The golden dragon will pay you up to 200 credits for an entire row full of it. Next to that, you have the silver dragon that is worth 100 credits for five of it on the reels. The red dragon will pay you a modest, 50 credits for five of them on the pay line. You have various golden items and coins that will pay 10 to 5 coins respectfully. To score a win, you must get three of a like icon to fall on the reels from the left to the right.

The Bonus Rounds

Heavenly Treasures is full of many interesting and worthwhile bonus rounds. One interesting one is the magic lantern. The number of magic lanterns you accrue will pay dividends in many ways. During regular game play, if you amass 15 to 25 lanterns, you will receive nice payouts. 25 lanterns will lead you with 2,500 credits. The real genius behind the magical lanterns is that if you get 600 or more, you will then start the free spins round, where you begin with 10 of them. When you play in the free spins round, you will have magic lanterns and blank icons on the reels which in turn are multiplied by factors of one or five. When the lanterns meter gets to 300, you will then play the heavens gem, pick feature where you get to pick among gems for your prize.

Winning Your Treasure

When you are ready to spin the reels, the power is all yours to spin the reels on your own, or to set them up through auto play mode. You can wager on all the pay lines, or you can choose the amount thanks to the pay line arrows. The same can be said with getting your coin wager too. The return to player is very generous, ranging between 91 to 95%. Heavenly Treasures is available at many online casinos, to play either online, or for download.