Alien Wins Slots

Sometimes less is more, which is how Alien Wins has chosen to operate. As far as online slot games go, this is one of the simpler ones, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is still a fun game that allows you to win real money. Check out more of what this game offers and why simplicity is sometimes the best way to go.

Simple Animation

Many slot machines go over the top with their animation to make the game seem more busy than it is. A lot of people like that aspect of online slots but for the diehards who only care about their winnings, all of the extra pageantry is not needed. There are relatively few icons compared to other games with five different alien faces, two planets, and a ufo for the wild symbol. What they lack in detail and animation, these symbols make up for color in this brightly colored game.

Another positive for those looking to enjoy the gameplay over the experience is the sound effects and music are pretty subdued. There is no continuous theme music; each spin only produces a slight tap when each reel stops. The most music you get out of this machine is when you hit a line; there is exciting music, but even that is pretty laid back compared to other games.

Game Play

For those looking to spin and win, it doesn't get much more straightforward than Alien Wins. There are only ten win lines, but with three rows and five reels, you don't need much more.

The wild symbol does a lot of the heavy lifting in this game. It appears on reels two through four and will automatically become which symbol offers the biggest payout on that line. Another feature called the "Bursting Wild" triggers randomly and causes between one and three wild symbols to land on reels two, three, and four.

Another feature that players have more control over is the "Cosmic Spins" feature. The player activates the Cosmic Spins button will guarantee one or three wilds depending on how much extra money you put toward each spin. So, there is a greater risk, but it also offers a chance at a higher payout. Cosmic Spins remain active until the player deactivates them.

Aside from those unique features, Alien Wins is a standard online slot game that allows you to bet between $1 and $100 per spin. You can adjust multiple game settings, like the speed of spins, and initiate up to 100 auto spins.

Play to Win

Alien Wins Slots is a game for those looking to forego the frills that have become so common in online slot games. This game is for those who like to have more control over the game but also don't mind taking risks if they have a real chance to pay off. Alien Slots is easy to understand and play, and those two attributes combined give you a better chance at the payday you're looking for.