Copy Cat Fortune Slots

Cat lovers rejoice; there is an online slot game made just for you. Much of the joy of playing online slots comes from the sights and sounds that come with each unique theme, and this is a fun one. Copy Cat Fortune Slots will quickly become one of your go-to games once you know more about it.

The Look

The theme of this slot game is general fun for those who like cats. It has a soft cartoonish design which is easy on the eyes and a little comical. There are icons representing a cat's favorite things, like milk, birds, toy mice, and balls of yarn. In addition, you get to see the cartoonish cat when you hit a wild card. The one icon that seems out of place is the bonus which looks like a crystal ball. To round out the rest of the reals, Cop Cat Fortune Slots gives you the standard 9 through Ace symbols. The music accompanying this game is okay at first, but it gets a little repetitive after a while, so you may want to turn the volume down for this one.

The Feel

Slots are not just about pressing a single button repeatedly; some strategy is involved. On top of that, each game has unique features that offer different benefits and may make seasoned players switch their strategies accordingly. Copy Cat Fortune Slots offers 25 pay lines over three rows and five reels.

One unique feature of this game is the mystery stack feature, where each reel contains a consecutive stack of mystery positions which are replaced by a game symbol during each spin. This affects every symbol, including the bonus and wild symbols.

Another feature unique to this game is the reel copy feature. This feature is triggered when matching symbols are stacked on the first reel. Those symbols are then copied to one or more additional reels to increase your chance of winning.

Copy Cat Fortune allows you to win free games like most slot games. However, this game gives more options than most if you win free games. If you win 10 - 30 free spins, you have the option of regular or 50-line free games, but if you win 30 or more, you have those options as well as super and mega free game modes.

With all of its differences, there are many features that this game has that are similar to others, like being able to wager between .25 and $125 per spin. It also allows you to auto-spin up to 100 times, and you can increase and decrease the spin speed by clicking on the lighting button.

The Wrap Up

Despite its cartoonish charm, this is a serious slot game that the pros will love. It offers so much in the areas of customization and unique gameplay but looks so unassuming. If you are looking for a new slot game to try your luck at, Copy Cat Fortune is worth a few spins.