Monster Spins Slots

Many times, it seems online slot games take themselves too seriously. There are thousands of different games out there, and they all have different features and themes, but most of them tend to drift toward a more serious theme. Sometimes, you just want to have a good time and enjoy some silliness when you play, which is where Monster Spins comes in. The game may look fake, but the money you could win is as real as it comes.

Almost Child-Like Animation

The animation behind this game is hard to describe, but it is almost like something you would see on Sesame Street or a similar program. It uses the standard face card symbols, which have a bubbly font similar to a kids’ show. However, they are covered in slime, which makes them slightly more gross than a kids’ show letter. Most of the other symbols are cute little monsters; even the feature symbols are adorable-monster related.

Audio is a big part of these games because most people play for a long time, and the music and sound effects get repetitive fast. Unfortunately, Monster Spins falls into the trap of using repetitive horns and xylophones to make a theme song that gets old after about a minute. The reel-stopping noise is acceptable initially, but the bubble-popping sound effect will likely get on most players’ nerves after a while. So, unfortunately, Monster Spins is a game you will probably want to mute sooner rather than later.

Features As Fun as The Game Looks

Just because the game looks childish doesn’t mean it plays like a game for kids. Monster Spins is a standard three-row, five-reel slot game with twenty fixed pay lines, but it packs in the features for an otherwise standard game.

The slippery wild feature is a fun feature where the wild slips down the reel with each spin. When it first appears, it will cover another symbol on the reel. The Wild will continue to slip down until it falls off the board. Another wild feature called the morphing wild can only be triggered if the slippery wild has already been triggered. This wild will take over the entire reel for as long as the slippery wild is on the board.

The jackpot feature is activated when you collect three or more bonus symbols. The bonus symbol is a coin with a blue monster on it. When the jackpot bonus is activated, you will get a random multiplier between 1x and 20x and three free spins.

The scatter symbol is a monster mouth holding the words “free spins.” The more scatter symbols you land in a single spin, the more free spins you get. Three scatters give you five free spins, four scatters give you eight, and five scatters give you twelve. Free games will happen immediately at the bet you placed when you hit the scatter symbols.

More Fun Than It Looks

Admittedly, the game looks a bit more childish than it needs to, but the gameplay is everything that most online slot players want. It isn’t overly complicated, and there are plenty of opportunities to make bonus money. So, as long as you don’t take your slot games too seriously, you may benefit from playing a game that other players skip because of its looks.