Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Deluxe Slots

Much like the woman herself, this game is mysterious, lavish, and easy on the eyes. It can also take everything from your wallet if you're not careful! That certainly would be enough to start a war. If you like jackpots, things that remind you of Egypt, sand, and clean gameplay mechanics, this game is for you. Just don't go into expecting to be wowed by its graphics, or anything of that nature. It is surprisingly low-key, although entirely suited to the chosen subject matter.

About the Game

This is an Egyptian themed game that keeps everything pretty simple. In addition to various suits and playing cards in Egyptian font, you will also have various artifacts from Egypt. Aside from that, there are the jackpots to consider, and that's about it. It's a good thing those jackpots are big, as there isn't much more to the game outside of that. At the same time, what more is there to a game then it's jackpot?

Slot Game Developer

There are various tiers of real time gaming titles, this one being middle of the road for them. It has the jackpots that they are known for, but at the same time, lacks other elements that they have other titles. The production values, for example, are not nearly as high here. Still, it is another solid entry by them. They are the biggest name and gambling for a reason! Jackpots are what makes games great.

Demo Play

If you only want to taste of what the game has to offer, start off and demo mode. You won't have much of a choice, as that is the default option! While you're enjoying demo mode, you can see the way the game works, and get a feel for how best to manage the jackpot overhead. The only strategy we have found is to simply play longer. Auto play and small betting amounts would be the best by there, but you would learn that if you play the demo!


The theme of the game is Egypt. Cleopatra, to be exact. Although the game itself only features her one time, and doesn't have a whole lot going for it outside of that as far as the reference goes. In general, ancient Egypt has been done 1 million times before, and this is not the best take on it. Despite that, however, we feel they do get things right when it comes to the rich as the game has to offer. The Egyptian's were known to be rich, and this game has jackpot all over the place!

Game Design

This game was designed to keep you engaged and immersed for long periods of time as you chase the progressive jackpot. While you're doing that, you will enjoy the free games feature to keep you going, and there is little house. There are 25 lines to bet on, and the usual number of reels. It's a game that aims to immerse you and how standard it is, and hope the jackpot wins you over.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is a free games feature. Here, you get free spins, and are able to play for longer with little effort. This also gives you additional shots at the progressive jackpot. There's nothing better than that! As long as you keep spinning, you get more chances to win there. Alongside of that, you can also get more free spins after you used your free spin. Free spins all around for as long as you can go as long as they come up!

Game RTP

The industry standard of around 97% holds true here. This does not mean you'll always win, but it does mean you do have a 97% chance of winning something if you were to play long enough, even if it was small.

Slot Game Rating

Despite the way it looks, this game is ranked highly by players, being one of the fifth most popular titles from the catalog. On top of that, because there aren't as many people competing for the progressive jackpot, but many people playing overtime, it tends to get up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Add this range, mathematically, you would be a fool not to contribute, even if you only bet small amounts at a time!

Play for Fun

If you're in this game for a good time, simply start playing and you will have the winnings roll in. They won't be real until you put down money, but you will feel accomplished. It'll also give you a chance to decide whether or not this game is for you. Most people enjoy the game, but it certainly wouldn't be for everybody. Better to find that out without money on the line!

Play for Real Money

If you're willing to put down your own gold, you could get much coming your way and return. Real money will allow you to run the progressive jackpot, even if you're only betting a single penny. The coins tend to start at 20 cents, but never mind that. While you're playing, you'll also get a feel for how often the jackpots come, and can gauge your bets accordingly to whether or not you feel you are on fire.

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

iPhones and iPads run the game beautifully, as does anything Google as ever put out there. The Google pixel screen it looks great. Apple devices will tend to load the game quicker, however. We are not sure we have a favorite, only that the game looks and plays great no matter where you happen to run it on. There is no better time to play at the now, and no better device to play it on that one you happen to have!