Pulsar Slots

Pulsar is one of the newest releases from Realtime Gaming. This slot game has a modern look while being set on a pretty standard 5x3 reel layout. The game is themed after space and showcases a mix of planets, asteroids, and stars. There are some bright and vibrant animations and intense sounds that bring this game to life, but it's the torrent of prize payouts that occur during these exciting winning combinations that will have you coming back for more. Find out more about what makes this slot special down below and also take a moment to consider why it may not be the right option for you.

A Uniquely Themed and Designed Slot Game

We love everything about the look and the theme of this new slot game. Not only are the reels offset to give them a cool look, but the game puts all its buttons at either side of the screen to create a more unique layout. This slot game doesn't offer many of the standard bonus features and instead opts to do things differently with a fun exploding mechanic. It's exciting to play, you never know what sort of wins are coming your way and it's the type of game that you will want to come back to try again and again.

An RTG Slot that Works on Mobile

This Realtime Gaming (RTG) slot game works on most mobile devices and is designed to run smoothly no matter how you want to play it. That means you can load it up on Android, iOS products and computers all while getting the same gambling experience. If you're interested in playing this slot game from anywhere and swapping from one device to the next, you'll love how supportive this slot game is of different mobile devices overall.

20 Fixed Paylines and Simple Wagering

Since all 20 of the paylines for this slot game are fixed wagering is very simple to do. You just turn the dial up or down to adjust your wager amount from a low of $0.20 to a high of $20.00. We aren't overly impressed with the wagering range offered for this slot game, but we are impressed by how simple it is to place a bet. If you're looking for a slot that's easy to use, this game is a good example of one that you can set up in mere moments before you start playing.

Falling Symbols Lead to More Prize Payouts

This slot game comes equipped with a falling symbol mechanic. This special mechanic explodes winning symbols and has new symbols fall down to take their place after the explosion. This leads to more winning combinations and a chance to get some seriously good wins from Pulsar while playing the game. With just a bit of luck, you can uncover some substantial prize payouts while playing this slot.

Respectable Payouts

Prize payouts aren't massive in this slot game but that isn't really the point. Instead, you get small to mid-sized prize payouts and they occur in clusters most of the time or combinations. While you might only win a few times your total wager amount on a single prize payout, you'll often get several wins at the same time thanks to the interesting mechanics of this slot game. This helps give the slot a more dynamic and random feel and makes it more exciting to play as well if you ask us.

Watch for Neutron Stars

This slot doesn't come loaded with bonus rounds like some others do, but it does have a few unique bonus features. The feature that stands out most are all the Neutron stars. These stars appear randomly on one of the reels and explode in a specific pattern depending on their color. Some explode in an X-pattern. Others explode vertically or horizontally. Either way, the stars appear, they come with a countdown and when the count gets to 0 they explode and create a cascade of impressive prize payouts.

Play for Fun or For Real

Pulsar is available to demo if you just want to get a feel for this new slot game, but it's also designed to run with real money when you want to try for some exciting prize wins. You can swap between the two modes almost instantly when testing out this slot game. Just choose how you want to pay it before starting up the slot and play it just the way you like.

Pulsar is an impressive online slot game thanks to its graphics and its game design. It doesn't pay out the largest prizes or offer the most intense jackpots, but it's a lot of fun anyway. If you're looking for an entertaining slot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the one. It doesn't hurt that it looks nice as well. If you're searching for the slot that will give you the most value for your money, this probably isn't the best option and there are other slots that offer a higher RTP than this one does out there.