Spring Wilds Slots

There of been many movies, films, and TV shows about cute cuddly animals. This is by far the cutest thing we have ever seen, however, and we have seen pretty much everything in the genre. Although the gameplay mechanics will knock wow you, the graphics cannot help but melt every last drop of your heart. Throw candy into the mix on top of that, and you have a killer combination that few people will be able to resist. It's one of the prettiest games on the market, as well as one of the most wholesome.

About the Game

This game is based on how cute little pet animals are when they are young, and how tasty candy looks when you see it on screen. Put those things together, and you have a winning combination. Technically you might say it's Easter themed, but with all of the other additions that they made, we think they broke out of the mold there. There are candy cane type objects, for example, pigs, and sheep. We're not sure how that would fit into the Easter theme, although it is themed after spring. They probably didn't name this game all that well, but it does have a nice holiday vibe with a color scheme, and looks tasty in general.

Slot Game Developer

This game comes to us of course from real time gaming. No one else but them could have put together such a delectable looking jam. It looks good enough to eat, as well as cute enough to adopt. Just be sure not to do both at once! They make the best titles in the industry, having the best bonuses, and usually the most production values. Every last bit of that holds true here. This also stands out as one of the cutest titles, however. All the titles tend to look fairly decent, but this one really takes the cake with including things such as cake.

Demo Play

Stroll into the game stress-free by playing it in demo mode. The second the game graces your screen, you can enjoy it like a little kid in a candy store, taking things while people are too polite to say anything about it. You will not be able to cash out any of the winnings that you earn during this time, but it will give you time to enjoy the game, and decide whether or not to put down money on it. We often play for extended periods of time this way to get a feel for something. Once we are sure that we like it, we run with it. If we don't know, however, we tend to put it down. There's no risk to starting!


The theme here is split between a few different things, all of which are great. They are also all wonderful to look at. The first theme is Easter, which we don't think they pulled off very well. Instead, they have combined the cutest animals we have seen drawn before, and some of the tastiest candies we have ever seen in online gambling. It's a candy themed game with cute animals. We are not sure how pigs work their way into this, but if we're just looking for cute animals, pigs cannot times be really cute when they are piglets. The color scheme is also wonderful, things looking good enough to eat, capturing the candy color vibe perfectly.

Game Design

This game has many different bonus rounds, such as the free games featuring lucky string bonus feature, alongside the usual mechanics you will see everywhere else. The maximum amount you can bet is fairly high, however, coming out of $125. That's unexpected for such a cute color game, and we're happy to see it. In addition to that, you will also be given free games from time to time if you match the right things. The jackpot is of course the logo to the game itself, but everything looks so cute and cuddly and candy like that we would love to win any of it. We will also make special note that the playing cards I put in here all are shaped like candies and cookies, so much so that we didn't even notice that they were themed after the cards. We love that.

Bonus Round

Along with the free games featuring the lucky streak we spend feature, you'll be playing long into the night. Both of them are very similar, however. You basically get free spins, just in a variety of ways. Not that we are complaining! Free spins are great no matter what.

Play for Fun

If you would like to play for fun, you won't lose any money, and don't have to worry about taking any risks. The fun aspect of the game also shows through even in free modes, because of how colorful and cute the game looks. We really do enjoy the graphics, I can probably look at them all day. Unless you're diabetic, in which case it might remind you of the things you should avoid!

Play for Real Money

Play for real money will allow you to enjoy the tile to its fullest, having real winnings come and return. There are no progress a jackpot here, but it's a cute enough title that you'll probably be interested in it for a very long time. Alongside of that, in addition to real money, you'll have a lot of free spins, which will make you feel like you get free money!

Mobile Play on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you're on any kind of device anywhere in the world, this game still going to be good enough to eat. Just be sure not to put your mobile in your mouth, however! Looks great but best to leave eating to food.